Serving God as Priests by Knowing our Spirit and Living in our Mingled Spirit

All the regenerated believers in Christ are priests to God, and the primary matter related to a priest is that he is one who contacts God, is filled with God, is saturated with God, and lives a life in the mingling of God with man. A priest is one who serves God in all his […]

we are joined to the Lord as one spirit, and now we live a life in our mingled spirit

Just as the branches in the vine absorb all the riches of the vine and bear fruit, so we as branches in Christ the vine absorb all the riches of Christ! We have been rooted and grounded in Christ, we are one spirit with the Lord, and we need to remain here in this organic union absorbing all the riches of Christ into our being. In this organic union, in this eternal kiss between God and man in our mingled spirit, we are made one with God and we are blended together in life organically to be one spirit! [continue reading online this portion concerning living one spirit with the Lord practically]

we are going through a metamorphic change to become the Body of Christ, God’s glorious expression

The Body of Christ is a mysterious organism composed of the union and mingling of the Triune God and the believers(see Eph. 4:4-6). In the Body of Christ we as the believers are joined to the Triune God and are being continually mingled with the Triune God. In this organic structure, God the Father is […]