Lingering in God’s Presence to Intercede for Others before Him according to His heart

We may think that serving God involves doing great works for God, laboring day and night, and having no personal freedom or enjoyment. But what we see in the Bible is that our main service to God is our prayer to Him according to His heart and will. Our God is almighty and can do […]

Being Joined to God’s desire through His Word to Pray Prayers of God’s Economy

The best cooperation and service we can render to God is in prayer; we need to be joined to God’s desire and pray prayers initiated by God to echo what He is praying in the heavens. There are a few verses in the New Testament where there Lord is seemingly giving us the key to getting all […]

The Executing Center of God’s Administration in the Universe is the Incense Altar

We need to not only know the significance of the golden altar in the tabernacle and but we need to see a vision of this altar and apply it to our daily living in the church life. The incense altar signifies not only prayer but Christ as the Intercessor, the One who prays and intercedes […]

Being Joined to God’s Desire Through His Word by Dealing with Our Whole Being

Daniel was a person who not only read the Scriptures but he joined himself to God’s desire through His word. When Daniel read in Leviticus concerning the fact that God doesn’t want His people to eat anything that is offered to the idols, he immediately rejected to eat the king’s food and would rather eat […]