Being Joined together in the Way of Life through Grafting for the Building of God

The revelation in Ezekiel 37 shows that the unique way to have the Body, the church, and the House of God in the genuine oneness is the way of life, just as the bones came together and were enlivened to become an army, and the two pieces of wood were joined to be one in […]

Allowing the Uniting Spirit to Cross us and Join us to other Believers in the Body

The oneness the Lord Jesus prayed for in John 17 is seen in picture in the tabernacle in Exo. 26 in three main steps: the three gold rings on the standing boards, the gold overlaying the boards, and the uniting bars that joined all the boards. The Lord prayed that we all may be one […]

Christ as the Stone-Savior is also the cornerstone to join us and build us up together in God’s building

The stone that the builders rejected – Christ – has become the head of the corner(Psa. 118:22): Christ as the stone rejected and despised by the Jewish builders/people has become the cornerstone to join together the Jews and the Gentiles into one Body, the Body of Christ! Actually, the “head of the corner” can also […]