13 Aspects of a Priest, a Particular Kind of Person who Serves God Continually

It is so wonderful to realize that all the genuine Christians, the believers in Christ, are priests; they are called by God and saved by Him that they may be priests to God, a royal priesthood, the church. A priest is one who receives God and is filled, saturated, and permeated with God until God […]

the Word of life is “an appetizer” to our enjoying God as the eternal life as “many courses”

Isn’t that true? When you read the first Epistle of John chapter one you see that John starts in a mysterious way to introduce something of the eternal life – and he begins with The Word Of Life… Just as before a large meal – like the dinner – we sometimes have an appetizer, so […]

We have the privilege to enjoy God as our life!(sharing from the college age conference)

This year I had a privilege of going to Wales for the College Age Conference. It was a short but a very enjoyable time! This time we were focused on gospel of John – Life and Building as revealed in the Gospel of John. What really touched me was that many times we may think […]

The true freedom is in our heart! Don’t study God: enjoy Him!(college age conference sharing)

I enjoyed reading the whole gospel of John in the hills of Wales, where we entered into “life and building in the Gospel of John“. If we want to know life, we need to come to the Bible. In fact, the first case in the gospel of John tells us life’s principle which is to […]

human life at its best is filled with labor; BE SAVED from any human labor by enjoying Christ!

Today we are in the age of the jubilee – the age of grace – which means that we should have no worry or anxiety, no concern or care, no lack or shortage, no sickness or calamity, and no problems whatsoever, but rather we have all benefits! In the jubilee, all things are for our […]

by the blood of Christ we are redeemed, forgiven, and we enjoy God in the Holy of Holies!

Hallelujah for the precious blood of the Lamb! This morning I was filled with appreciation for the blood of Jesus Christ – an eternal blood (since He offered Himself to God through the eternal Spirit), an efficacious blood, a prevailing blood, and a speaking blood! His blood speaks more than the blood of Abel (which spoke […]

enjoyment from the 2010 Winter School of Truth – having a fresh appreciation for the Bible

Every year towards the end, usually in the last week of the year, we have a “Winter School of Truth“, a week when the young people gather together to get into the truth. In Europe, until now, this school of the truth in winter took place in Bower House – and just a week ago, […]