Being Overlaid with God as Gold to Practically Keep the Oneness of the Spirit

The Lord Jesus prayed for the oneness in John 17, and in Exodus 26 with the tabernacle we can see a picture, a type of this oneness, in the standing boards of the tabernacle which were overlaid with gold; we need to be overlaid with God as gold, for us to be one practically and […]

Keeping the Unique Oneness of the Body of Christ on the Unique Ground of Locality

In order for us to know the church, we must first recognize the ground of the church. The one unique foundation of the church is Christ Himself, and no other foundation can anyone lay besides Christ, but the ground of the church is the practice of the oneness of the universal Body of Christ on […]

Bearing one Another in Love and Keeping the Oneness in the Uniting Bond of Peace

Keeping the oneness of the Spirit (Eph. 4:3) is not something “too spiritual” for us to understand or practice; rather, we can keep the oneness of the Spirit in a very practical way with all lowliness and meekness, with long-suffering, bearing one another in love, and in the uniting bond of peace. In the church […]