Giving Christ the Ground to Fill us with Life for us to Minister Life in our Service

As believers in Christ, we have not only the human life inherited from our parents but also the divine life which we received through regeneration; now we need to practice giving the Lord the ground to fill us with life so that we may minister His life in our service. The Lord Jesus came so […]

Our Service in the Church should Minister Life to Others to Supply them with Life

Our service for the building up of the church is a life-ministering service, a service that ministers life to the saints. We have seen that we need to serve God by knowing the age, by realizing the way Christ fulfills His economy, by seeing the world situation as the indicator of the Lord’s move, and […]

Christ Shepherds us by Being our Life and by Living in us; He Guides us into His Flock

The Lord Jesus is the good Shepherd, and He shepherds us by feeding us with Himself and in Himself as the pasture (see John 10:9-10). There are other shepherds, that’s true, but the Lord is the good Shepherd. He takes an all-inclusive tender care of His believers as His sheep. On the cross He tore […]

Learning Christ as the Reality is in Jesus to Live the Same Kind of Life Jesus Lived

For us as believers in Christ to arrive at a full-grown man we need to learn Christ as the reality is in Jesus. The one new man as the full-grown man that accomplishes God’s purpose is a corporate man that lives on earth the same kind of living that the Lord Jesus lived when He […]

we are becoming the beautiful bride of Christ for Him to be satisfied!

The more we know the direction of the Lord’s move today the more we will see that there’s a connection between salvation in life and the preparation of the Bride. The direction of the Lord’s move is to build up the Body for the preparation of the Bride that He may bring in His kingdom. […]

just open to the Lord and pour out your heart to Him! (sharing from the yp conference in Poland)

[This is the second part of sister Debora L’s sharing from her topmost enjoyment in the recent young people’s conference in Lipowiec, Poland. Read the first part here – the creation as a picture of our need for growth in life (sharing from the yp conference in Poland)] What made a great impression on me […]

following the Lord Jesus’ pattern to live a life by denying our natural life and live by the divine life

This is our Christian life and our church life – a life in which we daily learn – through many failures and some victories – to deny our natural life and live by the divine life. Once we received the Lord as our Savior and our life, He came into us as Another Life – […]