being a Christian student on the campus: overflow from the students in London top enjoyment

Recently we had a meeting with the Christian students in London, an overflow meeting, something like a end-of-term celebration meeting… “This semester my roommate got saved! This is the best thing that has ever happened to me!” “The best thing we can give the Lord is our time – and there’s no better way to spend our time than being with the Lord” [read more testimonies online]

being a Christian student on the Campus – so sweet to start uni with the saints in the church life!

This semester has been so enjoyable. This has been my first semester at uni and at the same time in the church life – and the difference is so big! I know that I have a solid support network and the more I focus on the Lord, the less I worry and the more I enjoy my lessons. The best part is the saints. They support me in every way, they help me with my work, they cheer me up when I’m down, they entertain me when I’m bored… [read more online]

being helped in reading the Bible consistently with the brothers by using

These past few months I really enjoyed texting, emailing, or writing on facebook / twitter to remind my companions to read their portion of the Word and update it on the website! I may be at home and the brothers may be in their homes / dorms – but we can pursue the Lord by reading of the Word consistently and regularly! [read more online]