Christ’s Death and Resurrection Produced and Built up the Church as His Counterpart

Through Christ’s death and resurrection, God produced and built the church as the counterpart of Christ. Adam and Eve are a picture, a type, of Christ and the church; when Adam was created, he was a type of Christ, and his need for a wife shows the need Christ has for the church. In God’s […]

Seeing the Effect of Christ’s Crucifixion and Experiencing its Life-Releasing Aspect

The crucifixion of Christ is an amazing event and reality; the effect of Christ’s crucifixion is excellent, and the life-releasing aspect of His crucifixion is truly amazing. Human death is sad, sorrowful, terrible, dreaded, and even horrible, but the Bible speaks of the death of Christ and we emphasize His death as being something wonderful. […]

Having the Outflow of Life by being One with Christ in His Life-Releasing Death

As believers in Christ, we must always remember that our service to Him should be God’s flowing out to supply others with the divine life (see John 7:37-39); for this, we need to be one with Christ in His life-releasing death so that His life would flow through us. Serving God is not something we […]

The Church as Christ’s Counterpart Was Produced Through Christ’s Death and Resurrection

It is a great thing to see that God desires to gain a wife, a counterpart, and that the entire Bible tells us what God has done, is doing, and will do to obtain her. Genesis 2 especially tells us the story of Adam and Eve as a type of Christ and the church. The […]

cords of a man: seeing Christ in His incarnation, human living, and death

God drew us with cords of a man and with bands of love by firstly becoming a man in His incarnation, by living a perfect human on earth, by dying an all-inclusive all-terminating death on the cross, by entering into a life-imparting resurrection, and by being in an all-transcending ascension. Through all these segments of […]

seeing more concerning Christ in His crucifixion, His all-inclusive death on the cross!

Praise the Lord for God’s move in Christ the stage of crucifixion! The Bible unveils so many wonderful things that Christ has accomplished through His death on the cross! I was specifically impressed with Isaiah’s prophecy in Isa. 53:4-5 regarding Christ – so detailed, so precise, and so true! Everything that Isaiah prophesied concerning Christ […]