we are being produced as babes and sucklings who offer God the perfected praise to defeat His enemy!

In Psalms 8 we see that God establishes strength – perfects praise from the mouths of the babes and sucklings. It’s not the “strong young men” or the “mighty warriors” that fight for God and defeat the enemy – at least in this psalm. It is like Paul said in 1 Cor. 1:28-30, … The lowborn […]

what is mortal man, that the Lord remembers him, and the son of man, that He visits him?

In Psalms 8 David looked at the heavens and saw the work of God’s fingers – even in the dark night of this world, if you look at the heavens you see the moon and the stars! God created and ordained the moon and the stars to shine even in the darkness – when we […]