It is only when we All are Transformed and Overlaid with God as Gold that are we one

As believers in Christ, we are in the process of transformation so that our natural being is transformed into the image of Christ, and God’s divine nature is constantly overlaying us until we become just like Christ; we’re being transformed and overlaid with God as gold until we’re fully one! The picture of the tabernacle […]

God’s Covenant with Abraham: Receiving the Life-Giving Spirit as the God’s Blessing

Our God is a covenanting God, and we are His covenanted people. Even though man fell, God came in to preach the gospel and promised that the seed of the woman will destroy the serpent; this seed of the woman is Christ and also the man-child, the overcomers. This covenant God made with Adam was […]

Hallelujah, we are the new creation, where everything is new because God in it is new!

Hallelujah, we’re no longer only the old creation – we now have God in us! It is so good to be reminded what the new creation is, and that we need to live in the reality of the new creation today! I enjoyed this so much in the second message from the video training on […]