Living an Overcoming Life and Redeeming the Time to Contact People for Shepherding Them

As believers in Christ who have seen something of the scriptural way to meet and serve, we need to live an overcoming life and redeem the time to contact people for shepherding and perfecting them. The Lord is clear in His word concerning the God-ordained way to meet and serve – first we need to […]

Rejecting any Traditional Way and taking the Scriptural Way to Meet by Living in Spirit

For the building up of the Body of Christ, we need to practice the scriptural way to meet and to serve, and we need to give up and forsake any traditional way in Christianity which may still influence us. First of all, we need to realize that we are the Body of Christ, and together […]

We were Allotted Equally Precious Faith, and the Proving of our Faith is Precious!

The Lord needs to have a drastic recovery of the all-inclusive Christ as everything to us so that we may enjoy Christ, grow in life, and become living and functioning members of His Body to express Him on the earth. The Christ revealed in both the New and the Old Testament is rich, all-inclusive, and […]