Standing in the Position of Ascension to Pray with Authority and Execute God’s Commands

As believers in Christ and members of the Body of Christ, we need to respond to Christ’s heavenly ministry of intercession by standing in the position of ascension and pray with authority, one with Christ, to execute God’s commands. Our ascended head, Christ, is now in heaven interceding for us, and He as the Spirit […]

Engaging in Spiritual Warfare by Being in Ascension and Proclaiming Christ’s Victory

In the spiritual reality behind the scenes of the human world and things there’s a spiritual warfare raging: Satan fights with all he has against God and His people. The fact is, however, that Satan has already been defeated by Christ on the cross, so now he fights to delay the fulfillment of God’s plan; […]

We are Called to Live with Christ in His Ascension, as Seen in Song of Songs

A practical application and a sweet illustration of the progress made by the seeking lover of the Lord, the book of Song of Songs shows us how we can progressively experience Christ in our loving fellowship with Him until we become just like Him, matching Him as our Bridegroom. Hudson Taylor called this book, A […]