The Events of World History are Sovereignly Arranged by God for Him to Fulfill His Purpose

The events of world history have been sovereignly arranged by God for Him to carry out His purpose; therefore, in order for us to have the proper church life, we must know the world situation and be one with the Lord in His move. Throughout the Bible we can see the divine history within the […]

Living in the Divine History by Living in the Church for the Manifestation of Christ

Behind the outward and seen human history there’s a divine history, the history of God in man; as believers in Christ we were born in the human history and we were reborn in the divine history, and we need to be those living in the divine history for the manifestation of Christ. The divine history […]

Seeing the Divine History within the Human History with Christ and the Church

It is amazing to see how the Bible reveals the universal history according to God’s economy; what we see in the Bible is not merely human history nor just the divine history, but the divine history within the human history. On the one hand, we need to realize that our God is sovereign, and this […]

Spreading the Truths of the Lord’s Recovery is a Preparation for the Lord’s Return

As believers in Christ we are those who serve God first by knowing the age, then by realizing the way Christ fulfills His economy, by seeing the world situation as the indicator of the Lord’s move, and by spreading the truths of the Lord’s recovery for His coming back. We need to serve God in […]

The Lord’s Recovery must Spread to Europe and be Rooted here before the Coming of Antichrist

If we have the proper view and see things with God’s eyes, the way He sees things, we will realize the world situation is the indicator of the Lord’s move on earth. Events don’t just happen, countries don’t just change their regime, presidents don’t just get elected, and wars don’t just take place; rather, God […]

Christ with His Overcomers will Crush Human Government and bring in God’s Kingdom

I never thought that the book of Zechariah would be so rich and so profound, showing us the way the fulfill God’s economy and to build up the church. But praise the Lord for the ministry of the age which opens up the Bible and brings to light the mysterious and wonderful things in the […]

Christ is God’s History working within Man’s History to Gain God’s Building

When we read the book of Zechariah, just as with many other prophetic books in the Bible, it is not easy to see what’s going on and what is the prophet speaking about. We really need to put on “the glasses of God’s economy” so that we may see the crystals, the precious points, in […]