When we live in the Mingled Spirit we are in the Reality of the Body of Christ

The key to living in the reality of the Body of Christ is the mingled spirit; the Body of Christ is in the mingled spirit, and to live in the reality of the Body, we need to live in the mingled spirit. Actually, everything that God requires of us is fulfilled spontaneously in our living […]

Seeing a Vision of the Mingled Spirit, the Focus of God’s Economy, for the Church Life

If we see that the church is the mingling of God and man, we will also realize that the mingled spirit is the focus of God’s economy, for it is when we live in the mingled spirit and walk in the spirit that we fulfil His purpose. In order for us to live the church […]

We need to Know God and His Ways, and we Need to live with the Consciousness of God

In our morning revival these weeks we return to the Crystallization-study of Exodus, and this week in particular we focus on the topic of Knowing God and His Ways; we need to know God and His ways! Moses asked God saying, Let me know Your ways, that I may know You, so that I may […]