The Body of Christ is the Governing Law of Life and Work of the Children of God

According to the divine revelation in the New Testament, the Body of Christ is the governing law of life and work of the children of God; our work and our living should be governed, measured, and constrained by the vision of the Body of Christ. At the end of this age, what God desires to […]

The Impact of Seeing the Heavenly Vision and Having it Wrought into our Being

Every believer in Christ needs to see the heavenly vision, the vision of God’s economy, and this vision needs to govern, inspire, motivate, energize, and control his living. We believers are human beings just like the rest, but we have seen something of the God of glory appearing to us – we have seen God’s […]

The Will of God – One Person (the all-inclusive, extensive Christ), One Way (the cross), and One Goal (the Body of Christ)

This weekend I was so impressed with the will of God, as expounded in the conference I recently attended. Here is some enjoyment from this conference. The will of God is God’s will – it is about God, His heart’s desire from eternity – to have Christ expressed through many people as His Body. God’s […]