Praying Toward God’s Interests so that God would Listen to Our Prayer

Have you ever wondered, What kind of prayers does God listen to and answer? As Christians we pray for a lot of things, but how do we know that God will listen to our prayers? In the Bible we see a very important principle concerning prayer: God will listen to our prayers if our prayers […]

taking God as our dwelling place by abiding in Christ and being in Christ

To take God as our habitation, to take God as our dwelling place, is actually the highest and the fullest experience of God. Everything we are and do is in our dwelling place and for our dwelling place – it is here we live, we eat, we drink, we rest, we have our being, and it is this place that we beautify, we improve, and we love. It is the same with God – in God as our dwelling place we eat God, enjoy God, drink God, and we have our living with all the details of our daily experience IN GOD! We take God as our dwelling place in a practical way by being identified with Christ! [continue reading online]