Today is the day to have a New Man Constituted of All the Local Churches on earth

The application of the new man spoken of in Eph. 2:15 and Col. 3:10-11 is that all the local churches in the different countries are one new man. So our practice of the church life should be with the Body of Christ and the new man as the goal in view. The constitution of the […]

Living the Church Life by the spirit of the mind to be the Corporate Expression of Christ

Before the Lord Jesus comes back, He will fully recover the proper church life, for the church life is what fulfills His heart’s desire; the church life is the corporate expression of Christ, and this is what the Lord is after today. This week we have been looking at five major aspects of the church […]

Being Identified with Christ in His Death and Resurrection to Live the Church Life

Due to the fact that Abraham was short of faith in believing God concerning the promise of the land, God entered into a covenant with him to strengthen his faith. He instructed Abraham to get three cattle and two birds and slaughter / cut the cattle but leave the birds alive. Whenever someone offered something […]

Learning from Paul to Live the Church Life with the Consciousness of the One New Man

As we practice the church life daily by eating, drinking, and breathing in Jesus with all the saints, we need to do so with a consciousness of the one new man. With the Apostle Paul there was such a consciousness – in his writings and in his living we could see that this faithful steward […]