In the Recovery of the Church we Build the Church as the House of God and the Kingdom of God

In the recovery of the church we are building up the church as the house of God and the kingdom of God for God to gain an expression and representation on earth even as He intended from the beginning (Gen. 1:26). The books of Ezekiel and Nehemiah are considered the books of recovery, telling us […]

The Work of the Church today is to bring in the Kingdom of God on the Earth

The gospel of the kingdom is to bring in the kingdom of God, which issues in the church, and the work of the church is to bring in the kingdom of God. The Lord Jesus came not merely to express God and save us from our sins; He came to bring in the kingdom of […]

The Genuine Church is the Kingdom of God in this Age, where we live the Kingdom Life

Concerning the kingdom of God we need to realize that the church is brought into being through the authority of the kingdom, and the kingdom of God in this age is the genuine church, with the faithful believers living the kingdom life in the church. In Rom. 14:17 we are told that the kingdom of […]

The Kingdom is the Reality of the Church; the Kingdom Life issues in the Church life

The reality of the church today is the kingdom of God, and apart from the kingdom life, we cannot live the church life. We were once alienated from the life of God – we were alienated from God and His life, being outside of the kingdom of God. When we heard the gospel and believed […]

The Gospel Brings forth the Church, and the Kingdom is the Reality of the Church

In Exodus 18 we see a portrait of life in the kingdom of God; today, in the age of grace, when the gospel of the kingdom is preached, the kingdom of God is brought in and the church is brought forth. In the New Testament what we see first is the kingdom of God: the […]

The Kingdom is the Reality of the Church: Live the Kingdom Life in the Church Life

The New Jerusalem as the holy city of God with man, the consummation of God’s work throughout the ages and the fulfillment of His purpose for eternity, should be our experience as a foretaste today in the church life. The New Jerusalem is a city – the center of the kingdom of God, the place […]

being a Christian student on the campus: seeing our studying in the light of God’s economy

Recently I have been pondering on the matter of a healthy balance of studying whilst maintaining my enjoyment and love for the Lord. I am still in the process of learning and experiencing living this healthy life but here are some insights into this daily life. We as Christian students on the campus need to see our studying in the light of God’s Economy. Now you may ask, what do you mean by this statement? [read more online]