Pray-reading the Word of God, Applying it, and desiring Earnestly to Prophesy

Prophesying in the church meetings, i.e. speaking for God and speaking forth God into one another, fulfills the greatest prophecy in the Bible (Matt. 16:18). What constitutes prophesying is not eloquence of speech or brilliance of wit — it is the speaking forth of God Himself into others, which issues in the building up of […]

God the Father is the only Originator and the Holy Spirit is the only Initiator

As believers in Christ we are saved by God and now we all serve Him; however, we need to be careful how we serve Him so that our service to Him would be pleasing and rewarded by Him. There are two kinds of service: the service for the building up of the church, and the […]

Loving the Lord and Being One with Him to Shepherd His Sheep for the Church, His Body

The Lord Jesus is the good Shepherd, and we all are His sheep; He takes good care of us both inwardly and outwardly, both spiritually and psychologically and physically. How we love our good Shepherd, and how we enjoy His tender all-inclusive care! If we read the gospels we see how He shepherded and cared […]

We’re Human Seeds in the Process of being Sonized, Deified, Designated Sons of God

In 2 Sam. 7 God promised David that his seed will be the Son of God and He will build God a house, in Rom. 1:3-4 that Christ as the seed of David according to the flesh was designated the Son of God in power in His resurrection, and in Rom. 8:28-29 the many believers […]

Growing in Life by Having our Soul Subdued and Saturated with Christ as the Spirit

The church life is Christ Himself enjoyed by us, experienced by us, realized by us, and expressed through us corporately. For us to have the proper church life to express Christ according to God’s eternal purpose, however, our soul must be subdued and saturated with Christ as the Spirit. Most of the time we live […]

Growing up into Christ and Functioning in our Measure for the Building up of the Body

God’s purpose to head up all things in Christ through the church is being accomplished today through the growth in life into Christ, the Head, of all the members of the Body of Christ. As all believers in Christ enjoy Him, eat Him, and drink Him to grow up into Him as the Head, their […]

Having an Interwoven Fellowship with God Vertically and with the Saints Horizontally

The fellowship of life has two aspects: the vertical aspect (our fellowship with God as the Spirit) and the horizontal aspect (our fellowship with the fellow brothers and sisters in spirit). The same unique divine fellowship is both vertical and horizontal, and the issue of this fellowship is that we keep the oneness of the […]