It is only when we All are Transformed and Overlaid with God as Gold that are we one

As believers in Christ, we are in the process of transformation so that our natural being is transformed into the image of Christ, and God’s divine nature is constantly overlaying us until we become just like Christ; we’re being transformed and overlaid with God as gold until we’re fully one! The picture of the tabernacle […]

It is Crucial to Deal with our Heart and be Pure in Heart Loving the Lord

The Lord Jesus as life came into our spirit, and He desires to spread into every part of our inward being so that He may make His home in us (Eph. 3:17). The key to allowing the Lord to grow in us is our heart – if we have problems in our heart or if […]

simple ways of loving the Lord with our first love by giving Him the first place

The church in Ephesus was a “good church” – it was an orderly and a formal church, but God had something against it, that it has left its first love toward the Lord (Rev. 2:4-5). We can be good Christians, church-going believers, and we may read the Bible regularly and claim we are Christians before […]

being a christian student on the campus – take care of the Lord first and make a schedule!

If you give the Lord one hour, He will give you two hours back. Writing an essay is not a matter of ‘quantity’ of time, it’s a matter of ‘quality’. I’ve found that once I’ve enjoyed the Lord, my mind is calm and I’m able to sit down and actually get something done! If I start an essay without touching the Lord, it’s really like untangling a big ball of spaghetti!

The goal of the gospel is to love the Lord Jesus!(sharing from the college-age conference)

Hallelujah – The goal of the gospel is to love the Lord Jesus! The College Age Conference in Wales last weekend was my first conference ever. Although I have been a Christian for many years I am very new to the church life and it is by His great mercy that 6 months ago “He brought some […]

our Christian life is a life of preaching the gospel by loving one another

Until the Lord comes, since we are saved, we preach the gospel through our living, our attitude, our words – our very Christian life is a preaching of the gospel. Actually, according to Paul’s word in Phil 1:5-6, it is Christ who does this good work of preaching the gospel. Christ preaches the gospel in […]

Why this waste? Wasting ourselves upon the Lord…

This is the goal of the gospel – that loving the Lord Jesus with the first love we would pour out upon Him what is most precious to us – even our most costly and valuable spiritual treasures! Just wasting ourselves upon Him! We see this in Matthew 26:6-12 where the Lord Jesus was invited […]