Loving the Lord and being Washed by His Living Word to be the Counterpart of Christ

This week we are enjoying one of the most wonderful statuses of the church – the church as the counterpart of Christ, the bride of Christ; the work in the Lord’s recovery is His genuine work to prepare His bride. A counterpart is one that closely resembles another; it is one that has the same […]

Enjoying Christ as our Love, Life, and Light to keep the Testimony of Jesus

In the Lord’s epistle to the church in Ephesus there are four main points – love (loving the Lord with the first love), life (enjoying Christ as the tree of life), light (shining as the Lord’s testimony), and the lampstand (bearing the Lord’s testimony); love, life, light, and the lampstand are four crucial words in […]

Loving the Lord with the First Love, Being His Testimony, and Functioning as Priests

May we be those who are loving the Lord with the first and best love, those who are His testimony on earth today, and who function as priests in the church life! In His epistle to the first church, the church in Ephesus, in Rev. 2, the Lord appreciates some of the things she has, […]

Repenting and Doing the First Works – the Works Motivated by our Love for the Lord

The Lord’s word to the church in Ephesus in Rev. 2:1-7 is a warning to us all; after He acknowledged the many works, labor, endurance, and suffering that the church in Ephesus had, the Lord said He has one thing against her, that she has lost her first love, and therefore she had to repent, […]

Never Leaving our First Love for the Lord but Giving Him the First Place in all Things

The first epistle the Lord sent to the seven churches in Rev. 2-3 was to Ephesus, and He had only one thing against them, that they left their first love; therefore, they had to repent and do the first works – if not, He would come to them and remove their lampstand out of its […]

being transformed in life by God’s everlasting and unchanging love for us

In the Minor Prophets and in the whole Bible we see a universal principle – the principle of restoration. On the one hand, God wants to restore the fallen and corrupted universe back to Himself, and He wants to recover the earth including His people Israel. On the other hand, God wants to have a […]

loving the Lord by giving Him the first place in our work and in our speaking

To love the Lord with the first love is to give Christ the first place in everything, and this means that we need to give Christ the first place in our work and in our speaking. Even in working for the Lord, we may do something out of ourselves and with a hidden motive to […]