Exercising our Spirit to Learn, Experience, and Minister the Full Gospel of God

As believers in Christ, we need to have the same realisation as the Apostle Paul: we were separated unto the gospel of God, and now we are priests of the gospel. The gospel of God is an all-inclusive, complete, full, and high gospel including the entire divine revelation in the New Testament, and when we […]

Having a Clear View of Paul’s Gospel – the Gospel according to Paul in Romans

As believers in Christ we need to enter into the contents and essence of the Gospel; we need to know what the gospel is, and through such an entering in, we would receive a commission to preach the gospel. Many people know that there are four gospels, but not many know that Paul has a […]

God’s Intention is to make His People the Reproduction of Christ for the Temple of God

It is the Lord’s mercy that today we can see the high peak of the divine revelation, which is that God became man to make man God for the building up of the Body of Christ as the organism of the Triune God for His corporate expression. This is God’s economy, which was hidden throughout […]

Serving God in our Spirit in the Gospel of His Son, the Subjective Gospel of Christ

This morning while enjoying the Lord in His word with the help of the ministry of the age I was touched with the fact that our priesthood of the gospel is a matter in our mingled spirit. Paul told us that God is his witness how he serves God as a priest in his spirit […]

An Uplifted View of Christ’s Resurrection in Which He was Designated the Son of God

The highest peak of the divine revelation, the highest truth in the Bible, and the highest gospel in the entire universe is that in Christ God became a man so that He may make God in life and nature but not in the Godhead and to make Himself one with man and man one with […]

Benjamin: the Dwelling Place of the Triune God with Man Consummating in New Jerusalem

When Jacob was at the zenith, the culmination of his life, he was shining like a sun: he prophesied with blessing in a specific way concerning each of his twelve sons. His prophecy was first fulfilled in the history of the people of Israel with the twelve tribes, and today Jacob’s prophecy with blessing applies to […]

the gospel is the answer and the key to the five main mysteries in the universe

The Bible unveils the keys to the mystery of God, man, the universe, the church, and the future. God is a mystery – no one has ever seen or touched God, but He exists and He is a mystery to man. The universe is also a mystery – immeasurable, uncomprehensible. Man is a mystery both to himself and to others! The church is a mystery – especially in its definition and its purpose. Also, our future is a mystery, especially the future of the mankind. The Bible reveals these mysteries, and Romans 8 especially unveils and explains these mysteries! [continue reading this portion online + add your comment as a strengthening]