The Holy Spirit Sanctifies us Dispositionally to make us as Holy as God is Holy

Whenever the Bible mentions God, Christ, and the Spirit, it is very specific and precise; these are not interchangeable terms for one person. In a similar way, whenever the Bible speaks of the Spirit, it is very specific and precise; for example, there’s no mention of the Spirit of Christ or the life-giving Spirit anywhere […]

Being in the Realm of Oneness by Exercising our Spirit to be Mingled with the Spirit

There’s very much confusion today concerning the church, and it seems that most believers join the church of their preference, since there are so many options out there. But in the beginning it was not so! We need to return to the Lord’s word in the New Testament and see the basic principle concerning the […]

Keeping the Unique Oneness of the Body of Christ on the Unique Ground of Locality

In order for us to know the church, we must first recognize the ground of the church. The one unique foundation of the church is Christ Himself, and no other foundation can anyone lay besides Christ, but the ground of the church is the practice of the oneness of the universal Body of Christ on […]

every time you touch your spirit, it becomes stronger! (2011 winter school of truth)

I enjoyed all my time at this Winter School of Truth with all the saints, but some of the most precious times were in the group time and in our room time before bed. It was so encouraging to see young people my age touching their spirit, praying, and shepherding one another. The brothers have shared about the need for Samuels in Europe, and what I saw that there were young men who will be beacons of light in their cities and schools, all over Europe! [sharing from a young brother who recently attended the 2011 winter school of truth in London, UK]

The Key to Experiencing Christ is our mingled spirit, and the best way to enjoy Him is to call on His name

How can we experience Christ? How can we contact God? God today is not only in the heavens, sitting on the throne, and He is not just ruling and reigning over everything – He is now as personal to us as being in our mingled spirit! When we received the Lord Jesus into us by […]

Religion versus the Spirit – learning to do everything in and by the Spirit

This morning I was so touched with the fact that many times we think we hate religion – just like God hates religion – but actually we may still be religious ourselves. We realize that everything that God does is new, not in a form or name/denomination or a human endeavor/work, and the divine life […]