seeing the reigning Christ as unveiled in Psalm 72 and choosing to take the way of the ministry

We may be touched by the Lord to be vital with the saints in our home meeting, or we may be involved in serving with the students and the young ones – but do we take the way of the ministry? As the Lord reveals it to us in His Word, do we take the way of being produced as ministers? We all need to pray, Lord, give me the experiences I need that will produce this ministry! There is a great price to pay even to produce a small measure of the Lord’s ministry. The Lord wants to have a group of brothers and sisters who have been broken, dealt with, consumed, crossed out, terminated, reconstituted, resurrected, and blended together – to produce the ministry!

enjoying and ministering Christ as the sin-dealing life to bear away the inquity of God’s people

It is only after we enjoy Christ as the sin-dealing life that we can also minister Him as such to others. In Leviticus the priests were to eat the sin offering in the holy place that they may make expiation for the people of Israel before Jehovah(Lev. 10:17). As we enjoy Christ as the sin-dealing life, we have an enlarged capacity to bear away the iniquity of God’s people – by learning to minister Christ to the dear saints who are in sin

the Body of Christ builds itself up through all the members growing and functioning in their measure

Many Christians wondered and studied this very important question, How can we build up the Body of Christ? Yes, the Lord Jesus said in Matt. 16:18 that He will build up His church, but how can we as members of the Body contribute to the building up of the Body of Christ? Yes, there are […]

Taking the way of LIFE and TRAINING in serving the Lord and serving the young people

In order for us to serve the Lord in taking care of the young generation in a proper way, we need both LIFE and TRAINING. There are always these two extremes: some emphasize LIFE(saying that our service should be in life, we don’t need to “coordinate” or plan things – let life take the lead, […]