Coming to the Word of God, Finding God’s Words, and Feeding on them in the Morning

Jeremiah 15:16 says, Your words were found and I ate them, and Your word became to me the gladness and joy of my heart. Apparently, the words of God are right in front of us every morning, but in experience the words need to be found. We need the Lord to shine on us as […]

Revival: Every Believer has a Deep Desire and Aspiration to be Revived!

All throughout the Bible and in our experience also we see that the people of God have a deep desire to be revived, to have a revival. Ever since the fall of man, since Adam’s fall which brought in corruption, slavery, and death, there has been an aspiration in the whole creation for revival (see […]

Being a Christian Student on the Campus – no matter what, we’re for Christ and the church!

In our Christian life, it seems like there is always something that demands our attention. In this case, I think a big danger is that if we don’t settle in our being that we MUST love the Lord first, best, and only, and that we MUST be for Christ and the church, then the attitude of being for the Lord when it is convenient may creep in [continue reading]

experiencing the indwelling Christ by having Christ revealed in us, living in us, and formed in us

Praise the Lord for the book of Galatians, where we see a contrast between Christ and the law – a real contrast between Christ and religion! God gave the law for a short period of time as a guide, an instructor, to bring His people to Christ – when Christ came, the law was over! […]

the normal Christian life and the normal church life: day by day, glory to glory, and house to house!

Praise the Lord for the genuine church life in the Lord’s recovery! I am so grateful to the Lord for bringing me into His up-to-date move, into what He desires to do today – the Lord’s recovery! As we were watching message 10 from the Crystallization Study of the Psalms (1), entitled, Christ as the […]

Christian Students on Campus – some blogs filled with the enjoyment and experience of Christ!

I have recently stumbled onto and discovered some dear saints online – especially students – who are in the USA. As students, they meet on the campus and enjoy Christ together as “Christian Students on Campus” wherever they are. Of course, you can find such pages with such people on facebook also, and there are […]

experiencing Christ in the church life(short testimonies from some Christian Students in London)

This past university year we have enjoyed the Lord and experienced Him – whether in failures, defeats, or successes, we all learned to turn to Him and rely on Him, and we also learned how much we need the saints in the church life! Recently we had a “celebration meeting” where the students were overflowing […]