Dropping any Routine and Learning to be Revived by Touching the Lord in the Morning

I would like to talk share about my experience of being revived by the Lord day by day. For many years, I would only felt really “revived” after going to a big conference or hearing a living message. But this “feeling” of buoyancy only lasted for a few days, and then I would be back […]

The Foundation, Purpose, Principles and Practice of Morning Revival

My Foundation: To know Him the Lord has been my aspiration since my prayer in 1970, “God, if You are real, be real to me.” In the spring of 1973 I was introduced to the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee through some faithful brothers. These brothers taught me that the best and most […]

We need to be the Loving Seekers of God and not the Letter-Keepers of the Law!

The law of God is perfect, spiritual, and wonderful; it shows us who God is, and it gives us a description and a picture of what and who our God is. The law was given by God in His fellowship with Moses and it was never intended to be a set of rules which His […]

Being Joined to God’s Desire Through His Word by Dealing with Our Whole Being

Daniel was a person who not only read the Scriptures but he joined himself to God’s desire through His word. When Daniel read in Leviticus concerning the fact that God doesn’t want His people to eat anything that is offered to the idols, he immediately rejected to eat the king’s food and would rather eat […]