Praise the Lord, we are Becoming the Reality of “God is There”, the New Jerusalem!

The very last verse of Ezekiel says that the name of the city from that day shall be, Jehovah is there; when God gains the holy temple and the holy city in the holy land, the name of that city is, God is there – God’s presence is with man, and man is in God’s […]

Christ as King will Reign on Earth with the Overcomers as His Helpers in the Kingship

I never thought that Psalm 45 is so much related to the way for us to be prepared as the bride of Christ, but this psalm is very high and wonderful, for in it we see the psalmist’ praise of the Lord as the King in Himself, in the church (as the queen), and in […]

Christian Life is a life of Changing Death into Life for the Building up of the Body

God desires to gain a building, a habitation, a mutual dwelling place of God and man; Christ came to be the mingling of God with man, and in His resurrection He enlarged God’s building to include all those who believe into Him;  He’s changing death into life in our being for the building up of […]

Seeing, Praying for, and Becoming the Temple of God in the Divine and Mystical Realm

As believers in Christ, we are learning to live our human life by the divine life in our spirit; as we do the things we need to do in our daily living, we practice to daily live in the divine and mystical realm of the consummated Spirit so that Christ may be expressed through us. […]

God’s Economy is to have the Temple of God Filled with the Glory of God for Eternity

From the beginning to the end of the Bible the divine revelation is progressive, and in the last book of the Bible we see the consummation of the divine revelation and of God’s economy, the New Jerusalem. What does God want to obtain, how does He obtain it, what does He do to obtain it, […]

God’s Intention is to Build Himself into our Being and to Build us into His Being

What does the Body of Christ need today? Have you ever wondered, what is the greatest need in the Body of Christ? Some may say that the Body needs more gifted members while others may emphasize more social work, practical help, or preaching the gospel. But what the Body of Christ mainly needs today is […]

Seeing how Christ is the Food, the Clothing, and the Dwelling of the Priests

The Lord today desires to recover the priesthood for God’s building; when there’s a group of priests who live and function in a normal way, the Body of Christ is built up. We need to be restored to a normal situation, a proper situation according to the divine standard, from a condition of failure, degradation, […]