We need to Live the Body Life and Keep every Principle of the Body in the Church Life

If we cannot pass the test of the Body life, our spirituality is not genuine, for the Body life is the greatest test of our spirituality, and we as members of the Body need to live in the Body and keep every principle of the Body. As those living in the church age, we need […]

Being Completed by being Matched with other Saints for God’s Building and His Move

It is very enlightening to look at the pattern of the tabernacle in Exodus and apply it to our Christian experience today; two of the principles we see with the boards of the tabernacle is that we as members of the Body need to be completed for the building up of the church (just as […]

spiritual warfare is not an individual matter – we fight the battle in the Body

The whole universe is in a state of warfare, and the believers in Christ are at the forefront of the battle. We need to see that this spiritual warfare is not an individual matter – it is not an individual believer that puts on the whole armor of God and fights against the enemy. Satan […]

being independent of the Body is being independent of God; we all are members!

If we see the Body of Christ we will realize that we need deliverance not only from our sinful and natural life, but also from our individualistic life. For us to know the Body life, we need to deny our self, because our self is the greatest problem and the greatest enemy of the Body. […]

knowing the Body by dealing with our flesh, our self, and our individualism

All the believers in Christ are members of the Body of Christ by their spiritual birth in the life of God. But do we know the Body in reality? Is the Body of Christ something real to us in our experience? We may understand the concept of the Body of Christ, and we may mentally […]