Keeping the Unique Oneness of the Body of Christ on the Unique Ground of Locality

In order for us to know the church, we must first recognize the ground of the church. The one unique foundation of the church is Christ Himself, and no other foundation can anyone lay besides Christ, but the ground of the church is the practice of the oneness of the universal Body of Christ on […]

being anointed and graced as we remain the church life on the ground of oneness

The oneness which the believers have in the Body of Christ is not a man-made oneness and is not produced by adding the believers together for a common purpose. Rather, the oneness the believers have in the Body is the processed Triune God as the Spirit applied to their being. Such a oneness is organic […]

the saints’ living together in oneness in the church life is blessed by God

This week we are enjoying the wonderful Psalm 133 concerning the Lord’s commanded blessing on the brothers dwelling in oneness. Our church life is not an individual life but a corporate life, a collective life, and our experience of the church life has at least four aspects: it is a corporate experience, an ascending experience, […]

eating Christ by feasting on Him with the saints in the meetings on the ground of oneness

In the Old Testament, when the people of Israel entered the good land, they could enjoy the rich produce of the land in two ways – personally and corporately. Personally, they had a common, private way of enjoying the good land and its rich produce as a common portion for their daily living and enjoyment […]

the church: believers who are on the ground of oneness to be the testimony of the Body of Christ

The crucial elements of the Bible are Christ, the Spirit, life, and the church. This morning in the Morning Revival we were enjoying the church – which is produced by the life of God, which is the Spirit, who is Christ. Christ is the Spirit, the Spirit is life, and life issues in and produces […]