God Intends to have the Church as the One New Man to Express Him and Represent Him

This week is our sixth and last on the topic of, The Genuine Church Life, and we are focusing on, Practicing the Church Life in the Consciousness of the One New Man. We need to see the church as the one new man and practice the church life with this consciousness. When we realize that […]

God’s Economy is to Work Christ into us; the New Man is Christ Spreading and being Enlarged

Hallelujah, the new man is Christ spreading in us and being enlarged in us! It is amazing to realize that Christ is all and in all in the new man, and that God’s intention is to make Christ the center of His economy and make Him everything to the believers; the new man is one […]

The One New Man was Created in Christ to Bear His Image, and the New Man is Christ!

The new man was created in Christ on the cross; Christ is the element of the new man, Christ is all and in all in the new man, and the new man is Christ. The first main aspect or status of the church is that it is the Body of Christ, and the second one […]

The Functions of the Father’s House, the Son’s True Vine, and the Spirit’s New Man

Many wonderful things took place in Christ’s resurrection; He was not just made alive by God but He also became the life-giving Spirit, He was begotten by God to be the Firstborn Son of God, and He regenerated the many believers to be the many sons of God (see 1 Cor. 15:45; Rom. 8:29). In […]

Taking Christ as our Person for the New Man to Speak the Same Thing in One Accord

As the Body of Christ, the church has Christ as its life; as the one new man, the church has Christ as its person. In order for us to be in reality the Body of Christ, we need to take Christ as our life and live by Him to live Him out. In order to […]

Living in the Kingdom of the God’s Son and Being the New Man to Fulfill God’s Purpose

When God created man in His image and according to His likeness, He had an intention: He wanted man to express Him with His image and represent Him with His authority on the earth. The first man, Adam, failed to accomplish God’s original intention, but Christ, the second Man, came and fully fulfilled God’s intention […]

Presenting Every Man Mature in Christ by Ministering Christ to them for the New Man

We need to grow unto maturity to become a part of the corporate full-grown man that fulfills God’s eternal purpose (Gen. 1:26). The goal of Paul’s ministry was to present every man full-grown in Christ for the one new man (see Col. 1:28-29). For this, he struggled, strived, and even travailed so that Christ would […]