Shepherding is the Key, so we need to Learn to Shepherd others According to God

The Gospel of John, a gospel focusing on God in Christ coming to be our life and meet our every need for God’s purpose, shows us how Christ came to shepherd us by cherishing and nourishing us; shepherding is the key to the Gospel of John. The Lord Jesus came not as a mighty king […]

Being the Ezekiels of Today to have the Heavens Opened and See Visions of God

This week we start our deeper study on Ezekiel, the crystallization-study of Ezekiel (part 1), and in particular we focus on Visions of God and the Unveiling of God’s Purpose and the Desire of His Heart. Ezekiel chapter 1 is the deepest chapter in the Bible, and if you read it you may not understand […]

Being those who Know our God and who Show Strength and Take Action (Dan. 11:32)

Our desire as human beings created in God’s image is to know God – we yearn not just to know about God but to know Him personally, intimately, by being in Him and by being one with Him. We are created in God’s image and according to His likeness, and nothing on earth satisfies us […]

Seeing the Two Different Sources of Service and Serving God from God by the Spirit

According to the divine revelation in the word of God, God the Father is the only legitimate Originator in the universe, and His Holy Spirit is the only legitimate Initiator in our hearts; our serving God is initiated by Him! In all spiritual work for God, only God Himself can be and should be the […]

Let us Keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread by Purging away all the Sinful Things!

One of the statutes that God ordained for His people was that they would keep feasts unto God three times a year. In total there were seven feasts, but in Exo. 23:14-19 God ordained three main feasts for His people to keep: the feast of the unleavened bread, the feast of the harvest, and the […]

Keeping the Law not by our own Efforts but by being Infused with God to Live Christ

Many Christians regard the law – the Ten Commandments – as “the Christian code of conduct”, something that as Christians we should adhere to and make sure we keep. Most unbelievers think that God wants us to “obey the law given by Him, or else…” However, if we read Exodus 19-20 we see that the […]

We need to Represent God and Function as the Acting God to Shepherd According to God

As believers in Christ and members of the Body of Christ we are commissioned by the Lord to shepherd His sheep, the saints in the church, according to God (1 Pet. 5:2). To shepherd according to God requires that we are one with God, we are filled with God, we are reconstituted with God, we […]