Our Spirit is a Mingled Spirit, and we need to Walk According to the Spirit daily

For the inward recovery of His people, God gives us a new heart and a new spirit, and He also puts His Spirit within us; now our spirit is a mingled spirit, and we can and should daily walk according to the spirit. First, in order for Him to come into us, He gives us […]

Living Christ by Living in the Divine and Mystical Realm for God’s Expression

The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke are called “synoptic Gospels”, each presenting a human physical view of Jesus Christ as a Man: He is a King-Savior, a Slave-Savior, and a Man-Savior. Long after these gospels were written, John came to present the Lord Jesus as the God-Savior. John’s gospel is so profound that it […]

Serving God as Priests by Knowing our Spirit and Living in our Mingled Spirit

All the regenerated believers in Christ are priests to God, and the primary matter related to a priest is that he is one who contacts God, is filled with God, is saturated with God, and lives a life in the mingling of God with man. A priest is one who serves God in all his […]

The Ascended Christ as our Divine High Priest is Able to Save us to the Uttermost

In His ascension Christ is the High Priest – He is the kingly High Priest for His ministry and He is the divine High Priest for saving us. As the divine High Priest, Christ is full of life, living, and able to continue His priesthood perpetually; as such a One, He is saving us to […]

Experiencing Christ as the Reality of the Heavenly Ladder Set up in our Spirit

Jacob dreamed that there was a ladder set up on the earth, and its top reached to heaven; and there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it (see Gen. 28:12). This is a very significant dream, and the Lord Jesus confirmed in John 1:51 that He as the Son of Man is […]

We Need to Deny the Self and Take Christ as our Person for the Church Life Today

Why do we need to “deny the self”, lose our soul-life, and take up our cross to follow the Lord? Many believers and unbelievers alike may not like to hear these words of the Lord, but they are part of the secret of the Christian life. It is crucial for a believer to deny the […]

everything is clear when we exercise our spirit and we come to the church meetings

In the Holy Place in the tabernacle there was no natural light – there was only the light of the lampstand, the light of the Holy Place. In the natural light (the light of the sun and the moon) we can see the natural and outward things, but in the light of the Holy Place we can see God’s economy and His administration. In God’s presence, in His shining, in His light, we don’t need any natural light or man-made light. In the church life we do not need any natural light – in the church life as the Holy Place in the tabernacle we have the lampstand shining with God as the light! [continue reading online]