Christ with the Church Life is the Meal Offering for our Supply and God’s Satisfaction

As we partake of Christ as the meal offering, we become the reproduction of Christ, the church as a corporate meal offering, and what we eat is not just Christ but Christ with the church life as a meal offering. The goal of eating Christ at the meal offering is not merely us being nourished […]

The Law of the Meal Offering: Holy Priests Eat Christ with God in the Church life

In Lev. 6:14-23 we see the law of the meal offering, which actually corresponds to the law of the Spirit of life, showing us that in the enjoyment of Christ we should not be lawless but should be regulated by the law of life. The laws of the offerings are ordinances and regulations regarding our […]

Being Built up in a Practical way to Feast on Christ as the Bread of the Presence

The table of the bread of the presence – the showbread table – in the Holy Place in the tabernacle is a type of Christ as our food in a particular way: He is the bread of God’s presence to be our serving supply in the church life. The fact that the table of the […]