Dealing with Sin and Sins, Being Strong in Life, and Serving God by Enjoying Christ

The law of the meal offering indicates that we need to deal with sin and with sins, partake of Christ without sin, be strong in life and serve God as priests, and we should continue enjoying Christ as our meal offering daily. Why is there a need for a “law of the meal offering”? Isn’t […]

Christ is God’s Appointed Heir, and we are His Joint-Heirs, Christ’s Partners

In this universe God has a great divine operation, which is to accomplish a glorious expression of Himself; the church is a corporate partnership with Christ, and we are Christ’s partners and His joint heirs in God’s corporation. Wow! All this can be seen in Heb. 3:14, 1:9, and in other portions such as Rom. […]

living a life that fulfills God’s eternal plan – sharing from the conference in Poland

The following is some precious sharing from sister Deborah – what she enjoyed the most in the conference in Poland in November 2010 – Living a life for the fulfillment of God’s eternal plan. This past year the conference in Poland was a really wonderful and precious time for me – especially since I wasn’t […]