May we Hear the Lord’s Voice, Open the Door, Let Him in, Dine with Him, and Overcome!

In His concluding word to the church in Laodicea the Lord tells them that He’s outside the door, knocking, and if anyone hears the Lord’s voice and opens the door, He will come in to Him and will dine with Him, and he who overcomes will reign with Him on the throne just as He overcame […]

Having the Upper Room Consecration today to be the Continuation of the Book of Acts

In order for us today to be the increase of Christ in the continuation of the book of Acts we need to have an upper room consecration for the Lord’s move, His recovery. In the book of Acts we see the propagation of the resurrected Christ in His ascension, by the Spirit, through the disciples, […]

Paying the Price to Gain More God in His Divine Nature and being Blended Together

I never thought that the golden lampstand is related to the new revival the Lord wants to gain, but this week as we get into the crystallization-study of Exodus it is made clear to me that this is the case. The intrinsic significance of the golden lampstand is related to the highest peak of the […]

turning our tears of weeping into springs of blessings by setting our eyes on Zion

The highways to Zion is not superficial or cheap; the way of the church life demands a price that we need to pay. It is not external, superficial, or cheap. If we wouldn’t care for Christ and the church that much, we wouldn’t suffer; but as we care for the church life, we will partake of the sufferings needed for the building up of the Body of Christ. We will have sufferings related to the church, related to God’s economy, some misunderstandings from your family because you stand for the church, etc – and you may shed tears…. But the Lord turns those tears to be the Spirit! You will be all the more filled with the Spirit and released in your spirit that you may flow! [read more online]

what price are you willing to pay in order to get the unsearchable riches of Christ?

The word I heard this past weekend was hard, heartbreaking, but it was exactly what I needed. Thank You, Lord, for Your perfect care for us. The conference this weekend in Leiden was on Being Saved in Life by Reigning in Life for the Body Life. The last messages was on Joseph’s reigning in life […]