Loving the Lord and being Washed by His Living Word to be the Counterpart of Christ

This week we are enjoying one of the most wonderful statuses of the church – the church as the counterpart of Christ, the bride of Christ; the work in the Lord’s recovery is His genuine work to prepare His bride. A counterpart is one that closely resembles another; it is one that has the same […]

Being in the Living Move of the Holy Spirit by having a Personal Contact with the Lord

The Lord today has an ultimate move in this world’s ultimate situation, and we in the church life in the Lord’s recovery need to realize that we should not be in a movement but rather we need to allow the Spirit to take the lead, do the work and the speaking, and we should be […]

To Participate in the Lord’s Move we can Go in His Going and Give in His Giving

Each of the living creatures in Ezekiel 1 had high and awesome wheels, which indicate God’s move; every local church and every believer should have a high and awesome wheel with them, and we all need to participate in the Lord’s move today. God the Father is living, Christ the Son is moving, and the […]

The New Jerusalem is the Real and Consummate Shulammite, a Corporate Shulammite

From the angle of the divine romance, the New Jerusalem is the real and consummate Shulammite – a corporate Shulammite, including all of God’s chosen and redeemed people; the New Jerusalem is the consummation of the divine-human romance in the Bible. God’s purpose, as seen in His creation of man, is to “get married” – […]

being romantic Christians by loving the Lord personally and affectionately

The Bible is a book of romance, and both the Old Testament and the New Testament are written as espousal covenants. God loves man and courts man, and He desires to have man espoused to Him to be His counterpart. We can see this in every book of the Bible, especially in the prophets and […]

since we have an affectionate love for the Lord Jesus, our tongue is like the pen of a ready writer

since we have an affectionate love for the Lord Jesus, our tongue is like the pen of a ready writer ready to write our love for Him and our praise to Him with our experience and enjoyment of Him according to all that He is! If we love the Lord Jesus, our tongue will be like the pen of a ready writer – we don’t need to “write a draft” of our love for Him, of the things we want to say concerning Him! If we have an affectionate love for the Lord Jesus, our heart is fully in love with Him, and we are ready to write our love our praise to Him…

the importance of our time with the Lord, being vital, and being in the gospel(university training)

During the training the Lord touched me with the matters of our personal time with the Lord, vitality, and the gospel. First, I was touched by the matter of morning revival – our need to have time in the morning to be refreshed and renewed (Mark 1:35, Gen. 19:27, Phil. 3:13-14). Just like a spiritual breakfast, we can […]