Ezekiel shows that Jehovah makes Himself Known and All will Know that God is Jehovah

The only way we can be pleasing to God is to come forward and believe that He is; God’s only requirement is to believe that He is, and we need to experience Him as our Jehovah God, the One who Is; eventually, all will know that God is Jehovah. This means that God is everything […]

Faith makes us Pleasing to God, for Faith is to Believe that God is and We are NOT

Without faith it is impossible to please God, to make Him happy, for whoever comes forward to God must believe that God is; we need to believe that God is and we are not – this is the real denial of the self, and this is faith. All believers in Christ, those who had a […]

A Separation of the Heavenly and Earthly Things Through the Cross for Life to be Generated

Genesis 1 and 2 show us in picture how we can experience Christ as life. These two chapters are not a complete record of how God created the heavens and the earth, but they are written for us to see how we can experience Christ as our life in our daily life. First of all, […]

learning to be those loved by God by doing the things which are on His heart

King Cyrus, though a Gentile king, was raised up by Jehovah, anointed by Jehovah, and loved by God (Isa. 48:14). God loves the people that do the things which are on His heart. Cyrus did what was pleasing to God, bringing pleasure to God, by releasing the people of Israel to go to their own […]

faith and love are two inseparable virtues of the believers in Christ, Titus 3:15

My words are not adequate, but I enjoyed Titus 3:15 all these past few months, especially by listening to it being sung, me singing it, singing it with the saints in a spontaneous way, and reading & enjoying the explanatory footnotes on this short verse. It is indeed true: the Word has so much in […]