We need to Enjoy the Eternal Blessing of the Triune God and the Blessing of Life

Our God is a God of blessing, and in Num. 6 we see the eternal blessing of the Triune God – the threefold blessing of Jehovah to His people, which the dispensing of the Triune God in His Divine Trinity into us for our enjoyment. It is quite astonishing to realize that our God is […]

Being Body-Conscious by Caring for the Body and having Christ’s Feeling for the Body

The church is the Body of Christ, and we all are members of the Body; for the Lord’s move in His recovery both locally and universally, we all must be Body-conscious in one accord, always caring for the Body and doing what’s best for the Body. When we see the Lord Jesus for the first […]

Keeping the Oneness of the Spirit by Practicing the One Accord in the Church Life

It is crucial for us in the church life to keep the oneness of the Spirit by practicing the one accord. In John 17:21 the Lord prayed and aspired that all His believers would be one; He then later became the Spirit in His resurrection and breathed Himself into the disciples and then poured Himself […]