The Lord’s move is in our Move, and His Move has the Same Appearance in Every Church

The high and awesome wheels in Ezek. 1:15 show us that God needs a move on earth today; the Lord’s move is in our move, and this move bears the appearance of the Lord, being the same in every locality on earth. We can cooperate with the Lord for His move through prayer, so that […]

Cooperating with Christ’s Intercession by Praying one with Him for His Move on Earth

After passing through the process of incarnation, human living, crucifixion, and resurrection, the Lord Jesus was ascended to the heavens and was made Lord of all, King of kings, the High Priest, and the Minister of the heavenly places. As our divine High priest, Christ is doing mainly two things: He is saving us to […]

that they all may be one even as You Father are in Me and I in You! (university training)

This year’s University Training was thought-provoking and exposing, but most of all it was very enjoyable! Even though I missed the first three days I felt that I gained so many valuable points. Before going into the training I had so many questions and thoughts on my mind regarding my future and what the Lord wanted […]

2010 Poland conference testimony: Lord, make us so desperate for our birthright today!

So what began as an exciting 19-day summer escape to Europe actually became a 19-day journey of experiencing crucifixion, transformation and resurrection. Traveling and living with four sisters for almost three weeks straight, regardless of the fact that we’re sisters in Christ, will still result in the individual self naturally coming up to frustrate and […]