Turning our Heart to the Lord and being Led by the Spirit in our Time with Him in the Morning

I would like to share my personal experience regarding my morning revival with you all dear ones. We have heard that our morning times are crucial time and time again, but I believe we can all testify that when we overcome death (that is, our bed) and rise up by turning our heart to the […]

It is my Prayer and Desire to Stay in the Lord’s Dispensing All Day Long!

It’s my prayer and desire to stay in the Lord’s dispensing all day long! Morning watch is the key and the drive for having such an experience. I benefit a lot if I stay with the Lord in the morning for at least an hour! The first thirty minutes help me get into my spirit […]

God becomes our Life by Entering into us Organically to be Assimilated into our Being

In His economy God desires to dispense Himself into our being so that He would become the very fiber and cell of our inner being; for this to happen, we need to eat, digest, and assimilate Christ to be constituted with Him in order to express Him and represent Him. Eating is a very important […]

Taking Heed to the Prophetic Word in the Bible until the Morning Star Rises within us

If we as believers in Christ take heed to the word of prophecy – the prophetic word in the Bible – then the day will dawn within us, and the morning star will rise in our hearts (2 Peter 1:19). After seeing the many negative things in the church in Thyatira – the apostate church, the […]

Becoming the Man-Child by being Inwardly Strengthened and by Pray-Reading the Word

The first major covenant God made with man can be seen in Gen. 3:15, where God came in after the fall of man and preached the gospel by promising that the seed of the woman will bruise the head of the serpent. Instead of rebuking Adam and Eve for what they did, God preached the […]

being recovered to eating Christ as the tree of life: we are Christians who eat the Lord!

In the church life the primary matter should not be anything else but eating Christ as the tree of life. Enjoying Christ as our life supply, eating Jesus in the Word daily, and taking God in as life – this should be the primary matter in the church life. The church life should be filled and enriched with much eating of Christ, much assimilating of the element of God into our being! [continue reading + add your own portion online]

we need to be constituted with the truth and have the solid truth deposited into our being

If all we receive when we read the Bible is inspiration, this is like a vapor – it doesn’t stay for long. But if we dig into the Word and study the Word and the ministry which opens up the Word, committing the truths to our memory and even understanding them in the divine light, the truth in the Word of God becomes the solid truth in our being. If we don’t understand the truths in the Bible, they can’t get into us. The truth gets into our being through our mentality, our understanding, and it becomes a constant and long-term nourishment for our whole life!