Preparing and Practicing to Prophesy for the Building up of the Church

In Matthew 16:18 the Lord Jesus spoke the greatest prophecy in the Bible, I will build My church. In 1 Corinthians 14:4 the apostle Paul says something amazing, He who prophesies builds up the church. To prophesy is not merely foretelling the future, but mainly to speak for Christ, to speak forth Christ and to […]

Becoming Overcoming Stars by the Bible and by the Sevenfold Intensified Spirit

As we see that today God speaks to the messengers in the churches, the stars shining bright for Him, we need to ask ourselves, How can we become an overcoming star in this dark age? The Bible reveals at least two main ways to become an overcoming star – by the Bible, and by the […]

are you living in the divine history or merely in the human history?

As believers in Christ and disciples of Jesus, we have been born in the human history through our parents but we have been reborn in the divine history through our regeneration! When we believed into the Lord Jesus, we were re-born, born again, regenerated, into a new creation – we were born into the divine […]

a trainee’s testimony – the full time training is the best place to be infused with God!

The life in the training is a practice of the kingdom life. I wasn’t bothered that much by the outward problems and difficulties that I faced, but I started to see my old man who is very active, wanting to fulfill God’s law. But I realized that only Christ can make it. I must be defeated and let Christ be victorious in me in every way [read online the sweet testimony of a trainee after his first semester in the FTTL, the Full Time Training in London, UK]

some enjoyment from “The Humanity of Jesus(2)” podcast on

Did you listen to this past podcast, no #15 (it’s not the last one, but a previous one) about “The Humanity of Jesus (2)” – When people contact us, they should touch a “blue cord” sewn into the fringe of our “garment”; that is, they should touch a living that is under the heavenly rule. For […]

learning to activate the law of the Spirit of life in a simple way

Recently, I have really enjoyed a fresh and new appreciation of the law of the Spirit of life, and how much we need to SEE how this law can free us from all our struggling and strife. Many times, even in the church life, we would activate the law of good in our soul to […]

how the Old Testament seekers of God enjoyed Him in His Word

This past week we covered message 4 in the Life-Study of Exodus, about How the Old Testament seekers of God enjoyed His word. I enjoyed to see the contrast between the loving seekers of God and the letter keepers of the law. The law keepers had no heart for God or His desire. They sought the […]