The Body of Christ, the Corporate Christ, Carries out God’s Administration Today

We need to see the vision of the Body of Christ. The Body is a mystical corporate entity composed of all the redeemed, regenerated, and transformed human beings who are united, mingled, and incorporated with the Triune God. Christ Himself is the Head of the Body, and all the genuine believers in Christ are the […]

The Prayer Ministry of the Church: Asking God to Accomplish what He Wants to Do

We have seen that the significance of prayer is to contact God in our spirit and to inhale Him, and the principle of prayer is that God’s people need to pray for God’s will to be done before God can rise up to do anything. I am still amazed to see that God, who is […]

Being a Christian Student on the Campus – normal students who enjoy the Lord

When I first hit university, my initial thought was that I also want to be like the serving ones on campus, preaching the gospel, getting into the truth and enjoy the Lord with others 24/7. That was when reality (no pun intended) hit me: How can I be a student and still enjoy the Lord? I cannot just enjoy the Lord because then I fail my exams, and I cannot just study because then I do not enjoy the Lord and I become dry. How do you balance the two?