The Pillars for the Screen and the Veil are those one with Christ to bring People into God

The picture of the tabernacle in the Old Testament shows us that our God is enterable; He wants His people not merely to outwardly serve Him but enter into Him through the screen (the first veil, signifying Christ who died for us to bring us to God) and the veil (the second veil, signifying the […]

The Base for the Increase of the Church is Establishing Small Group Meetings in Homes

The book of Acts shows us not only a record of the way the church increased to be the increase of Christ on earth, but also the four main factors or means of the church’s increase and spread: prayer, the Spirit, the Word, and the homes. First, the disciples prayed in one accord; they left […]

Gospel is the Proclamation of Jesus Christ according to the Revelation of the Mystery

The book of Romans – the gospel of Paul – shows us the gospel of God, the proclamation of Jesus Christ, which is to make sinners sons of God to constitute the Body of Christ, which is expressed as the local churches. The gospel that Paul preached was not a low gospel, and he didn’t […]

Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom for a Testimony to All before the End of the Age

From the very first Gospel in the New Testament we see that the Lord Jesus didn’t come to “change the social system” or “bring peace on earth” or even to “change the world to better”; He came preaching another kingdom, the kingdom of God, which He called “the kingdom of the heavens”. He never promised […]

Being Brought under the Ruling of God’s Authority through the Gospel of the Kingdom

Our unique commission given by the Lord is that we preach the gospel; He as our Lord and Savior took the lead to preach the gospel of the kingdom, and now we as His disciples and believers need to follow Him and preach the gospel of the kingdom to the whole inhabited earth. The gospel […]

Different Aspects of the Gospel as revealed in the Four Gospels in the New Testament

The gospel is the greatest subject in the New Testament, and both the Lord Jesus and Paul spent a lot of time to proclaim the gospel. However, this gospel is not the diluted and low gospel one hears in today’s Christianity, such as “repent and believe in Jesus to go to heaven and be saved […]

Being those Functioning as Priests of the Gospel in the Church as the Body of Christ

The New Testament service ordained by God is that all His believers are priests to God to serve God with the offerings that He desires (Rev. 1:5-6; 5:9-10; 1 Pet. 2:5, 9). Today God does not desire physical sacrifices (such as lambs, bulls, pigeons, etc); He is delighted and satisfied with Christ, and we need […]