Reaching the Highest Peak to be the Overcomers of Today who Bless Everyone from Zion

According to what we see in Psa. 133-134, Jehovah’s commanded blessing of life is on the saints who dwell together in oneness, and the overcomers in the churches bless everyone from Zion and are a blessing from Zion. Hallelujah, what a high peak! Psalm 132 is the base, Psalm 133 builds upon it, and Psalm […]

Being Produced by God to be His Overcomers to Accomplish His Eternal Economy Today

In these last days before the Lord’s return, as we see how many believers are held back from fully experiencing Christ because of their imperfect and unscriptural theology, we need to give ourselves to the Lord to be produced as His overcomers to accomplish His eternal economy. Our God is a moving God, and in […]

Christ as the Sevenfold Intensified Spirit Produces the Overcomers to Build the Church

After reading the Lord’s epistles to the seven churches in Rev. 2-3 we need to realize that today, in His ministry in the stage of intensification, Christ as the sevenfold intensified Spirit produces the overcomers, those who return to the orthodoxy of the church, overcome the degradation of the church, build up the Body of […]

May we Hear the Lord’s Voice, Open the Door, Let Him in, Dine with Him, and Overcome!

In His concluding word to the church in Laodicea the Lord tells them that He’s outside the door, knocking, and if anyone hears the Lord’s voice and opens the door, He will come in to Him and will dine with Him, and he who overcomes will reign with Him on the throne just as He overcame […]

The Lord’s Recovery must Spread to Europe and be Rooted here before the Coming of Antichrist

If we have the proper view and see things with God’s eyes, the way He sees things, we will realize the world situation is the indicator of the Lord’s move on earth. Events don’t just happen, countries don’t just change their regime, presidents don’t just get elected, and wars don’t just take place; rather, God […]

Having the Experience of Marah, the Healing of the Bitter Waters, to become Overcomers

The experience of the people of Israel at Marah is very significant both in the history of Israel and in our Christian experience. After three days of traveling through the wilderness, they found no water, and they came to Marah – only to discover that the waters there are bitter. The people of Israel murmured […]

Be Satisfied with Normal Days under the Divine Dispensing for God’s image and Dominion

God’s original intention in creating man in His image and according to His likeness will be fulfilled in the millennium with the overcomers and ultimately in the New Jerusalem with all of God’s people who would have been transformed, renewed, and fully glorified to express God and represent Him corporately. Right now, we are in […]