Christ has a Body of His Witnesses who Bear His Living Testimony for His Propagation

In the book of Acts we see Christ, the resurrected and ascended Head of the Body, propagating Himself in His heavenly ministry not through a group of “trained preachers” or “highly qualified teachers of the Bible” but through a body of His witnesses who bear a living testimony of the incarnated, crucified, resurrected, and ascended […]

God Exalted Christ in His Ascension and made Him Lord of All, the Christ, and the Leader

In the book of Acts we see a resurrected and ascended Christ who is in the heavens, who is now being propagated by the disciples to produce the church as the kingdom of God; in His ascension Christ was exalted by God and made Lord of all, the Christ, the Leader, and the Savior. Acts […]

In His Ascension Christ Propagates Himself through His Believers to Produce the Churches

Two thousand years or so ago there was a man who lived on earth, and this man’s life and work changed the course of human history. He did not “deliver the whole nation from the enemy” neither did He “fight wars and was victorious in battles with many heroic acts”. Rather, He was a God-man […]

Propagating Christ On Earth By Doing a Work in Ascension, in Our Spirit!

Many people – both believers and unbelievers alike – have asked themselves, What is Christ doing right now? When He was on earth He was so busy and He did so much, but what about now? The Bible tells us that He is sitting at the right hand of God, enjoying all the fully accomplished […]