Being Reconstituted by being Educated with the Heavenly Truths to be God’s Testimony

Ezra was a priestly scribe who reconstituted the people of Israel by educating them with the heavenly truths, so that Israel could become God’s testimony. Today we need to be reconstituted by being educated with the heavenly truths in God’s word so that we may be the church as the testimony of God. Ezra was […]

I Confess my sins, Pray the Word, Read the Morning Revival, and Share with Someone

To begin with, my goal in having a time with the Lord every morning is to touch the Lord. This is always my focus – I must touch Him, I must enjoy His sweet presence and receive His dispensing into my being. I normally begin with confession of my sins, laying my hands upon Him, […]

Obeying the Inner Feeling from the Spirit, God’s Living Word, as we Read the Bible

When Christ came, in Him was life, and the life was the light of the world; we as believers in Christ have Christ as life in us, and when we have the Lord’s living word within us, the inner feeling from the Spirit, we have God’s living word and we’re full of light and life. […]

Being Joined to God’s Desire Through His Word by Dealing with Our Whole Being

Daniel was a person who not only read the Scriptures but he joined himself to God’s desire through His word. When Daniel read in Leviticus concerning the fact that God doesn’t want His people to eat anything that is offered to the idols, he immediately rejected to eat the king’s food and would rather eat […]

a trainee’s testimony – knowing the Lord and His heart, trusting Him and loving Him afresh!

This what I treasure the most after this two years of the training is that I could know the Lord, know His heart toward us, and began to TRUST the Lord (Isa. 41:10) and LOVE HIM afresh (Rev. 2:4). I felt not only restored and shepherded by the Lord, but I could also see more of what is ON HIS HEART. Now I can also say the words of one of the hymns, “God has dream… – Now it is my dream, my vision and life to be”. The Lord longs for a building – He longs that we will be built up in Him [continue reading online]

Being a Christian Student on the Campus – no matter what, we’re for Christ and the church!

In our Christian life, it seems like there is always something that demands our attention. In this case, I think a big danger is that if we don’t settle in our being that we MUST love the Lord first, best, and only, and that we MUST be for Christ and the church, then the attitude of being for the Lord when it is convenient may creep in [continue reading]

being a christian student on the campus – take care of the Lord first and make a schedule!

If you give the Lord one hour, He will give you two hours back. Writing an essay is not a matter of ‘quantity’ of time, it’s a matter of ‘quality’. I’ve found that once I’ve enjoyed the Lord, my mind is calm and I’m able to sit down and actually get something done! If I start an essay without touching the Lord, it’s really like untangling a big ball of spaghetti!