Proper Prayer (burning the incense) issues out of God’s Light from Reading the Word

Lighting the lamps in the Holy Place goes together with burning the incense; when the priests were dressing the lamps in the morning, they had to burn the incense on the altar, and when they set up the lamps at twilight, they also burned the incense (see Exo. 30:7-8). Every time we read the Bible […]

Being Joined to God’s Desire Through His Word by Dealing with Our Whole Being

Daniel was a person who not only read the Scriptures but he joined himself to God’s desire through His word. When Daniel read in Leviticus concerning the fact that God doesn’t want His people to eat anything that is offered to the idols, he immediately rejected to eat the king’s food and would rather eat […]

via – When Is The Real Royal Wedding? Who takes part in the Royal Wedding?

Especially if you live in the UK, you have heard that Prince William is engaged and will get married soon. But really, When and Where is the real royal wedding? There are many preparations going on for this human wedding, and the whole United Kingdom / Great Britain is looking forward to this wedding…. but […]