Overcoming the Principle of Babylon by Taking Christ as our Burnt Offering Daily

The only way for us to overcome the principle of Babylon is by daily taking Christ as our burnt offering, for He lived a life that is perfect and absolutely for God and for God’s satisfaction, and He is such a life in us to enable us to have such a living. We first need […]

The Ingredients of the Incense typify Christ with His Death and Resurrection

As those who love God, seek Him, and desire to experience Him, we need to know what makes Him happy and how can we contribute to the fulfilment of His purpose. What is it that satisfies God’s heart and what contributes to the fulfillment of His purpose? It is Christ, but in a more specific […]

Drinking of God as the Fountain of Living Waters to Become His Increase

We as Christians and genuine believers in Christ need to do one thing: we need to drink of God as the fountain of living waters! Yes, we need to read the Bible, we need to pray, we need to meet with other saints, and we need to do so many other things, but first and […]

The God who Called us is the God of Resurrection, the Resurrecting Triune God

When God comes to call us, first we see who we are (thornbush, men of flesh under God’s curse – yet with the divine fire burning in us and not consuming us) and then we see who God is. The God who calls us is the great I am, the ever-existing and self-existing God, the […]

The Church Must Engage in Spiritual Warfare to Bring in God’s Kingdom!

In Revelation 12 we see a great vision regarding what is taking place right now in the entire universe. There is a woman who is about to give birth to a manchild, and the dragon persecutes the woman and wants to eat her man-child baby about to be born. The church as God’s people today […]