Living an Overcoming Life and Redeeming the Time to Contact People for Shepherding Them

As believers in Christ who have seen something of the scriptural way to meet and serve, we need to live an overcoming life and redeem the time to contact people for shepherding and perfecting them. The Lord is clear in His word concerning the God-ordained way to meet and serve – first we need to […]

Watching in Prayer with Thanksgiving and Having Prayer Companions

How can we be kept in a prayer life day by day? Col. 4:2 tells us, Persevere in prayer, watching in it with thanksgiving. For us to persevere in prayer, we need to watch in it with thanksgiving. We need to give thanks to the Lord all the time! In this thankless and godless generation […]

Making a Deal with the Lord About our Prayer Life and Setting Definite Times of Prayer

Our experience as Christians confirms that there is a fierce battle in this universe between God and Satan, and particularly when we want to pray there are so many things and people and situations that rise up to not let us pray. As lovers of Christ we want to pray, we desire to pray, and […]

I need to practically put the Lord first – and He will care for my needs! (a student’s testimony)

In this year, the most eye-opening and simple revelation that the Lord has shown me is that I need to place Him first. It is easy to say and even easier to just take it in as “a piece of advice that could be handy“. However, actually putting this word into play has much more […]

the spirit is in the soul, the soul in the body, and the body is in time(college age conference sharing)

Praise the Lord for this past College Age Conference – it really refreshed my love and my consecration towards the Lord Jesus! It reminded me that I am such a thirsty sinner just like the Samaritan woman when she came to draw water from the well (John 4). We keep on drinking the worldly water […]