In the Recovery of the Church we Build the Church as the House of God and the Kingdom of God

In the recovery of the church we are building up the church as the house of God and the kingdom of God for God to gain an expression and representation on earth even as He intended from the beginning (Gen. 1:26). The books of Ezekiel and Nehemiah are considered the books of recovery, telling us […]

Reigning in Life by Receiving the Abundance of Grace to Receive the Crown of Life

The Lord’s promise to the overcomers in the suffering church in Smyrna is that He would give them the crown of life (Rev. 2:10). In the Lord’s speaking to the church in Smyrna, a church under persecution, in suffering, and facing death, we can see the glorious victory of the crucified and resurrected Christ over […]

Living in and Experiencing the Consummated Spirit as the Divine and Mystical Realm

By regeneration we enter into a new realm: the realm of the Spirit, the realm in which we have the Triune God processed and consummated to be the Spirit as our everything. All believers in Christ have the privilege to breathe in God as the Spirit and to be in the Spirit as the realm […]

As Kingdom People, We are Living as a Sheaf of Life and Shining as Stars of Light

In Genesis 37-39 we see that, while Joseph’s brothers were drowning in the water of human anger and lust, Joseph lived as a sheaf of life and shined as a star of light. The Bible doesn’t say anywhere that Joseph remembered the dreams and he “did his best to live according to what he dreamed”, but […]

The Goal of Reigning in Life: Living a Life of the Highest Virtues for the Body Life

God’s desire is that all the believers regenerated by His life would be the same as He is, reigning in life. We can reign in life, on the one hand, by receiving the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness (Rom. 5:17, 21), and, on the other hand, by allowing the divine life […]

Reigning in Life by Being Ruled in the Sweetness of Love and by Enjoying God as Grace

Our destiny as believers in Christ is to reign with Christ for God over all things. Today we need to submit to God’s authority and His sovereign arrangement in our circumstances and environment so that we may reign in life through Christ. The reigning in life the Bible talks about has nothing to do with […]

Reigning in Life by Submitting to God’s Authority and by Being Ruled by His Life

God’s desire is to make Himself the same as man is so that man may become the same as God is in life, nature, expression, and function, but not in the Godhead. This means that God wants man to rule with Him and through Him over all things. We need to see that our position […]